Geopolitics, Strategic Communications and Government Affairs
Trust in us

Singular expertise in geopolitics, strategic communications and government affairs

We advise on geopolitical, government and public policy issues across the wider Europe area.

Because we have decades of experience working at a senior level across Europe, we understand the complex political, legislative and economic issues that matter to you. The insights and access we provide will help you plan your long-term strategy and secure better outcomes for your organisation—in Europe and beyond.

Before you act, you should understand

There will always be events that you can’t anticipate.

But you can always calculate your risk, promote and defend your interests based on the best available insight, analysis and advice. Which is exactly what we provide.

We have strong roots in the cities and countries where we are based: they are our homes as well as our workplaces. This gives us genuine local insight. This local expertise, alongside our regional and international understanding, will help you create far-reaching value.

Who we are

We’re a group of principals who each lead their own independent consultancy. Because we like, respect and trust one another, we’ve come together under EPG to pool our expertise and offer you one distinct service.

We all have decades of senior-level experience. Between us we’ve worked as diplomats, business leaders, lobbyists, government and political advisors, civil servants, journalists and educators.

How we help

We provide chief officers, boards and other senior leaders with the information, analysis and advice they need to make key decisions and inform their long-term strategies.

We can help you access markets, understand complex policy landscapes and deal with regulatory challenges. Ultimately, we’ll help you secure a position from where you can mitigate your risk and realize your opportunities.